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Women’s History Month luncheon brings Airmen together


Members from team Ellsworth gathered in the Deployment Center for a luncheon celebrating National Women’s History Month, March 21, 2017.

The annual luncheon highlights women, both past and present, every March to show appreciation for their contribution to society over the years.

Guest speakers for the event included Chief Master Sgt. Tracey House, 28th Medical Group superintendent, Senior Airman Wintera Jones, a force management journeyman assigned to the 28th Force Support Squadron, and Donna Roebuck, a retired U.S. Army master sergeant.

Where House spoke on influential women who have shaped her career, Roebuck spoke shed light on the culture of women serving in male dominated branch of service.

“I served in the Army during a time when if you married a servicemember, or got pregnant during your service, you were discharged,” Roebuck said.

Roebuck went on to describe different challenges she faced during her service, including a time when she was ridiculed for serving her country while being married and having children.

“Thankfully there’s not much left of that attitude these days,” she said. “If you do ever feel ridiculed for your service, don’t let words or other’s opinions get the best of you – press on.”

House spoke on her experience in the military, highlighting the women who have influenced her throughout her career, including her military and technical training instructor, while Jones spoke about her journey of joining the Air Force.

“I was going to college in Lawton, Oklahoma, on the track of becoming a paralegal,” Jones said. “My mother was taking on two jobs and my little sister was a high school sophomore and she didn’t have the time to pick up a job. Soon my mom had to stop helping with my tuition.”

Knowing her situation, Jones joined the Air Force for the opportunity to help herself and her family.

“Since I have joined the Air Force, I have been pushed in areas I had no idea I struggled in, and challenged in areas I thought I was good at. Women are more than just housekeepers and cooks; we are leaders and innovators. No matter who you are, you are a leader.”