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Wing Logo Contest

The 28th Bomb Wing presents you the opportunity to be the creator of a new wing logo. This logo will be used for moral and marketing purposes, not to replace the official heraldry. With the mission and vision of Ellsworth AFB in mind, set your creative mind free and submit a product below between 2 Oct - 30 Nov 2023 for a chance to be selected.

Contest Rules

1. Individuals may only submit one design in the form of a drawing, painting, or digital art.

2. To enter the contest, you must be 18 or older; if the submission's designer is under the age of 18, the parent or legal guardian of the designer must agree to these terms of submission on the designer's behalf. You must be a military/civilian employee of Ellsworth or a dependent of a member.

3. Do not include any copyrighted imagery/material. Copyrighted materials can be identified by the presence of the copyright sign, a lowercase letter "c" enclosed in a circle.

4. Do not use 3rd party programs or companies with licensing agreements to create the graphic. (E.g.: The use of CANVA’s stock images/pictures/objects are prohibited as they are licensed and owned by 3rd party programs, but you may upload your own images/drawings/objects and utilize CANVA’s available tools to color/re-size and re-shape your imported creations)

5. By submitting an entry to the contest, the submitter understands and acknowledges that their design may be edited, in whole or in part, to meet scaling and design criteria for future marketing applications. Submitters relinquish all rights and intellectual property associated with the submitted design to the U.S. Air Force via 28 BW/PA.

Official Heraldry is not being Replaced



You can submit entries to Public Affairs with the subject line “Ellsworth Base Logo Contest.”

The email must include your first and last name along with your military rank/civilian status.

If Submitting on behalf of their child under the age of 18, the email must include first and last name of legal guardian.

Phone: 605-385-5056