Evolving Roots: American Culture

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Jason Carter
  • 28th Medical Support Squadron
There are a variety of things that come to mind when someone thinks of American culture.

Depending on where they are from and what experiences they have been through, they're likely to each have different answers. However, if they look beyond the walls of their home, past the county they live in, they will see this great nation has a culture of its own.

The United States is a combination of many different cultures and subcultures with a uniqueness to be celebrated. Those cultural differences should be embraced.

This year, Ellsworth is scheduled to hold its first multicultural observance. In previous years, the base has celebrated nine special observances mandated by the Department of Defense in their respective months. This year, all cultures will be combined into a six-week observance period, from May 3 to June 10.

The theme of this year's observance will be "Evolving Roots: American Culture." It focuses on observing many backgrounds and how diversities come together to build American heritage.

During this observance, everyone is invited to experience and appreciate various cultures through food, entertainment, education and competition.

The multi-cultural committee has planned several events throughout the six weeks that will culminate with a dinner June 10. The observance period will kick off in the PRIDE Hangar, where everyone is invited to compete in various sports and show their cultural pride. Those who attend will also have the opportunity to "taste the world" by sampling a wide variety of free cultural foods.

America is a land of many nations and diversity is the root of its success. This is the time for everyone to share their cultural pride while also learning to embrace other cultures.

Ellsworth is one team comprised of many cultures and it is important to know who is on the team, respect them and celebrate their contributions. We may all be different, but we are still all Americans.