28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

The 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Office advises the wing commander on unit and public issues and develops communication strategies to accomplish the mission. It provides base leadership with two-way communication tools to build, maintain and strengthen morale and readiness. Through interaction with the base’s internal and external audiences, public affairs builds public trust and support though open and honest dialogue and highlights the military as a community partner and responsible steward of resources. 

Contact 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs: (605) 385-5056 or 28bw.public.affairs@us.af.mil


Social Media

Studio Appointments

Studio Hours: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m, Monday - Friday
Thursday afternoons the studio is closed for PA staff meetings/training

Location: 28th Bomb Wing Headquarters Building, Ste. 5

Official government passports and deployment photos (ISOPREP) are available on a walk-in basis.

A photo is categorized as "official" if it meets any of the following requirements: if an individual is required to have one on file per Air Force Instruction; if the photo is for a group-level or above award, retirements, or if the photo is for special duty packages. For special duty packages, please bring a copy of the photo requirements.

To schedule an appointment for official studio portraits or full-length photos, call the PA office at (605) 385-5056.

Photo/video support

To request photo or video support, complete an AF form 833.

Self-Help Camera

Self-help cameras are available upon request by sending an AF form 833 to 28bw.public.affairs@us.af.mil.

Completed request should be submitted no later than five days prior to the event to 28bw.public.affairs@us.af.mil.

Community/MEDIA Requests

For any questions, inquiries or requests regarding Ellsworth Air Force Base, contact the 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs office at (605) 385-5056 or via e-mail at 28bw.public.affairs@us.af.mil.

Base Tours

To request a tour of Ellsworth Air Force Base, click here.

Small groups escorted by individual service members for non-PA tours are encouraged to contact the South Dakota Air & Space Museum at (605) 385-5189 conveniently located next to the Visitor Control Center just outside the base's main gate.

Additionally, military members are authorized to escort small groups (limit of eight per military ID holder) on tours of the base. Members should notify PA to ensure they know their intent, but should know this does not mean the tour is endorsed by PA. After gaining visitor passes from the VCC (605-385-2894), escorts are allowed to provide their groups a driving tour of the base.


Persons or organizations requesting a B-1 fly-over or static display for their events must visit the USAF Aerial Events website and click on "New Requests." 

Upon gaining approval from SAF/PA, requestors should call the 28 BW/PA office to request a B-1 from Ellsworth Air Force Base. 

All events the 28th Bomb Wing agrees to support are tentative pending real-world requirements.

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