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Air Force Financial Services Center provides travel pay services and support to active duty military and civilian personnel across the Air Force, and travel pay services and support to reserve component military and civilian personnel through a centralized processing center and a full service contact center.

Detachment 8 is one of 46 Air Education and Training Command training detachments throughout the world. They provide formal training for the B-1B and Aerospace Ground Equipment maintenance community, supporting Ellsworth, Dyess, Tinker, Wright-Patterson and Edwards Air Force Bases. The detachment currently employs 21 people at Ellsworth and trains more than 1,400 maintainers annually.
AFOSI Detachment 816 is the premier investigative agency who conducts timely, thorough, and sufficient investigations to neutralize, exploit, and deliver facts to the 28th Bomb Wing and partner agencies.

The Defense Security Service, formerly known as the Defense Investigative Service, plays a crucial role in safeguarding our nation's security. As a Department of Defense agency, DSS makes its contribution to the National Security Community by conducting personnel security investigations, providing industrial security products and services, and offering comprehensive security education and training to Department of Defense and other government entities. To complement its three primary missions -- the Personnel Security Investigations Program, the Industrial Security Program, and the Security Education, Training and Awareness Program--DSS offers the unique advantage of integrating counterintelligence into its core security disciplines through our training programs, policy development and operational support to our field elements.

The 89th Attack Squadron (formally the 432nd Attack Squadron), the newest operational squadron at Ellsworth Air Force Base, was reactivated Oct. 1, 2011. The 89th ATKS mission is to remotely employ MQ-9 Reaper aircraft from ground control facilities located at Ellsworth AFB in support of worldwide combatant commander requirements.
The 89th ATKS continues this proud heritage of supporting the national security of the United States. The 89th ATKS will provide combatant commanders with actionable precision reconnaissance capabilities for time critical targets, air interdiction, close air support, and strike coordination.

The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service office is a satellite DRMO. Central DRMO is located at Fort Riley, Kan., and maintains administrative and operational responsibility for this site in South Dakota. The primary mission of the DRMO is the receipt of all excess, surplus and recyclable property from Department of Defense activities in South Dakota. Redistribution of this property to federal government agencies and authorized state and or local recipients is the number one objective of the DRMO.


The mission of the Travis Area Audit Office is to provide all levels of Air Force management with independent, objective and quality audit services that include reviewing and promoting economy, effectiveness and efficiency of operations; evaluating programs and activities and assisting management in achieving results; and assessing and improving stewardship and the accuracy of financial reporting. The AFAA operating location at Ellsworth is independent of the base and is a sub-office of the Minot Air Force Base, N.D. Audit Office, which reports directly to the Northwest Area Audit Office at McChord Air Force Base, Wash.

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