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Ellsworth Air Force Base is committed to conducting its mission in a responsible manner that will protect human health, natural resources, and the environment. In doing so, we will comply with all environmental, safety and occupational health (ESOH) laws and regulations applicable to our environmental aspects and the conduct of our mission, and we will strive for pollution prevention and continual improvement in our ESOH performance. This commitment goes beyond compliance with the law and encompasses the integration of sound ESOH practices into our daily decisions and activities. We have in the past, and will in the future, pursue a course of responsible environmental stewardship. In support of our ESOH policy, we will:

• Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural and manmade materials.
• Work in partnership with all stakeholders to promote waste reduction.
• Minimize environmental pollution and waste.
• Identify, evaluate, and control occupational and environmental health hazards.
• Optimize operational capabilities and performance through the prevention of occupational illnesses and injuries.
• Build ESOH concerns into all policies, programs, and missions.
• Integrate ESOH information into all levels of management.
• Strive to achieve continuous improvement in ESOH performance over and above regulatory and legislative requirements.
• Periodically evaluate our environmental goals and performance by establishing and reviewing objectives and targets that aid our ability to live up to the responsibilities contained herein.

Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every member of the Ellsworth AFB community in accordance with his or her role and responsibilities in the organization.

Water Sample Results

For the most recent water sample results or consumer confidence reports, contact Bioenvironmental Engineering at 605-385-3172.


The Administrative Record contains information on ongoing environmental restoration activities. 

Click here to access the record.

Restoration Advisory Board

The Ellsworth Restoration Advisory Board is the focal point for the exchange of information between the Air Force and the local community regarding environmental restoration (cleanup) activities. 

Annual RAB meetings are open to the public.

For more information, contact 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs at 605-385-5056.


Meeting Slides:

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