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Ellsworth Air Force Base Wetlands Information

Click here for the Environmental Assessment for Wetlands-Appendix.

Click here for the  Environmental Assessment for Wetlands.

Click here for the modification of existing wetlands adjacent to the runway to reduce Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) risk at Ellsworth.

Click here for the Environmental Assessment for the modification of existing wetlands adjacent to the runway to reduce Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard risk at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota.

PFOS and PFOA Information

For more information on PFOS-PFOA, visit AFCEC or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



The Air Force Mold Policy contains information regarding mold and preventive measures.

Click here to access the policy.


The Administrative Record contains information on ongoing environmental restoration activities. 

Click here to access the record.

On-Base Water Sample Results

For the most recent water sample results for on-base or Southwest Waterline users, contact Bioenvironmental Engineering at 605-385-3172.

Click here for the most current consumer confidence report.

Environmental Management System

For the base's Environmental Management System, click here.

For the base's Environmental Commitment Statement, click here.

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