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The 28th Bomb Wing tested a windproof trash can prototype Jan. 7 at Ellsworth Air Force Base. The prototype was developed by a team of students at San Diego State University, San Diego, California, to make trash debris around the installation a thing of the past.
Working within maintenance for the past 15 years, Master Sgt. Lefever knows her field better than most. As a Bomber Task Force (BTF) project officer for the 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Lefever has had the unique opportunity to coordinate the logistics for her personnel prior to arrival and throughout the BTF deployment. Her duties fall anywhere between leading cargo prepping and downloading to organizing the needed lodging, facilities, and vehicles for maintenance personnel.
The 28th Maintenance Squadron has created an advanced approach to develop the leadership skills of recent Airmen Leadership School (ALS) graduates and first-time supervisors. Supervisor 101 is a four-day course designed to bridge the gap between the broad scope of leadership taught in ALS and the narrow scope of supervisory skills necessary to guide maintenance Airmen.

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