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Welcome to the Chapel!

Welcome to the Ellsworth Air Force Base Chapel Community -- We are proud to serve alongside you, whether here at home or at a deployed location. We minister to military members and their families of all faiths. We invite you to explore the many chapel programs that promote spiritual growth and fulfillment. Our mission is to model, teach, and cultivate faith and values.

We look forward to meeting and serving you.
~ Your Chapel Team

Monthly Chapel BREAKFAST

Chapel Prayer Breakfast
· Program runs Sept. through May 
· Second Thursday of each month 
· 7 a.m. in the Freedom Chapel Annex 
· All base personnel are invited

Worship Schedules

Roman Catholic:
Sunday Catholic Mass 9:30 a.m. at the Black Hills Chapel

Catholic Religious Education 
Sundays, 11 a.m. through 12:15 p.m. at the Chapel Activity Center 

Daily Mass 
Monday through Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the Black Hills Chapel

Sundays, 10 a.m. at the Freedom Chapel


Other Faith Opportunities

For information on local Jewish, Muslim, or Eastern Orthodox services or any other faith groups, please call the chapel at 605-385-1598.

see a Chaplain

If you need to see a chaplain during duty hours, call 385-1598. After duty hours, weekends, or holidays call the Command Post at 385-3800 and ask for the Duty Chaplain.

Higher Grounds

Higher Grounds is available to all dorm residents. It's located upstairs of Building 3602 (above the Bone Yard). For more information, contact the chapel.

Roman Catholic Parish

Baptisms and Marriage 
· Baptisms are celebrated on an individual basis with required baptism formation classes conducted as needed. Parents who wish to have their child baptized must attend. 
· Couples wishing to be married in the Catholic Church are required to complete their marriage preparation with the priest, conducted on an individual basis. Contact the chapel six months prior to the wedding date. 

Catholic Youth of the Chapel provides high school students monthly socials activities. 

Catholic Women of the Chapel provides monthly women's fellowship and study. 

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) 
· The Formal process by which non-baptized adults are received into the RC Church. 
· Sessions run Fall until Easter. 
· Candidates are referred to the local diocese for formal instruction and have mentors. 

Lay Minister Opportunities 
· Lay Eucharistic Ministers 
· Lectors 
· Ushers 
· Altar Servers 
· Musicians, Choir Members 
· Catechists 

Parish Councils 
The Roman Catholic parish has coordinating/advisory groups that provide participants opportunities to assume leadership roles and offer a voice in the direction of the base chapel programs. Meetings are held monthly.

Protestant Parish

Baptisms and Marriage
· Infant and adult baptisms are arranged with chaplains on an individual basis and are conducted within his or her denominational guidelines.
· Weddings are arranged in consultation with a chaplain and are conducted after fulfilling requirements for pre-marriage counseling. Contact the chapel at least three months in advance of your desired date before making any arrangements.

Protestant Singles of the Chapel
· A warm environment where spiritual growth occurs through personal relationships, education, and outreach.

Protestant Women of the Chapel 
· Bible Study, fellowship and service projects

Protestant Men of the Chapel 
· Activities focus on Spirituality, Education, Social Services, and Recreational fellowship
· PMOC sponsors monthly prayer breakfast for all base personnel

Protestant Youth of the Chapel
· 7th - 12th Grade Youth Group
Every Tuesday at Freedom Chapel 1830-1930
Parish Councils 

The Protestant parish has coordinating/advisory groups that provide participants opportunities to assume leadership roles and offer a voice in the direction of the base chapel programs. Meetings are held monthly.


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