28th Maintenance Group

The Airmen of the 28th Maintenance Group are responsible for fixing and providing maintenance on the 27 B-1 bomber aircraft at the base as well as associated support equipment. The 1,500 professionals conduct periodic inspections and intermediate-level maintenance, and work around the clock in all types of weather at locations around the globe, to ensure the bombers, equipment, and munitions are ready for combat. The 28th MXG is comprised of four squadrons: the 28th Maintenance Operations Squadron, 28th Munitions Squadron, 28th Maintenance Squadron, and 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.


The 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is the largest squadron in the 28th Bomb Wing with more than 700 Airmen and contractors who maintain and support 27 combat B-1 bombers. The 34th and 37th Aircraft Maintenance Units provide direct maintenance support to the 34th and 37th Bomb Squadrons at home and while deployed, with maintenance equipment support from the Support Flight. The squadron performs all on-equipment maintenance, weapons loading and support activities, generating combat and flying training sorties for B-1 crews at home and around the world.


The 28th Munitions Squadron provides conventional munitions, armament systems and trained munitions personnel, supporting 27 combat-coded B-1 bombers assigned to the 28th BW. The squadron consists of more than 200 professionals working in four flights supporting the 34th and 37th Bomb Squadrons and one National Guard unit. The squadron is responsible for more than 1,600 munitions line items worth $250 million, 3.5 million pounds net explosive weight, 86 facilities and a 647-acre munitions storage area.


28th Maintenance Operations ensures the capability of 27 combat-coded B-1 bombers assigned to the 28th Bomb Wing by managing fleet health, monitoring the quality of on- and off-equipment maintenance, effectively scheduling aircraft utilization and programmed maintenance, and ensuring efficient utilization of all wing maintenance assets.

The 28th Maintenance Squadron combines avionics, aircraft systems and equipment maintenance, fabrication and non-destructive inspection capabilities into one squadron consisting of seven flights with more than 460 assigned personnel. The squadron has contract oversight of Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories and Transient Alert activities and is responsible for all off-equipment maintenance and heavy repairs, supporting 27 combat-coded B-1 bombers and related subsystems. The 28th MXS also manages the base's Crashed, Damaged, Disabled Aircraft Repair program which is responsible for a five-state area of operations. Finally, the squadron maintains 660 pieces of aerospace ground equipment, as well as spare aircraft engines and engine test cell operations to support Joint Chiefs of Staff operational taskings.