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28th Mission Support Group

    The 28th Mission Support Group provides mission essential "city" services at home and combat support services to Airmen while deployed. The group provides essential services for active-duty members, retirees and civilians and their families including food services, security, vehicles, supplies, computer and telephone support, civil engineering, educational and recreational services, and personnel support. Six squadrons are under the 28th MSG umbrella: the 28th Communications Squadron, 28th Civil Engineer Squadron, 28th Contracting Squadron, 28th Force Support Squadron, 28th Security Forces Squadron and the 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron.

28th Civil Engineer Squadron

 The 28th Civil Engineer Squadron provides the necessary assets and skilled personnel to prepare and sustain installations throughout the world, in times of war and peace. The squadron's dual mission is to provide quality home-station engineer services for rapid, decisive, sustainable combat support, anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (Prime BEEF) mobility teams stand ready to rapidly deploy anytime, anywhere to provide fully responsive engineer capabilities in support of our nation's contingencies. This dual mission of war readiness and infrastructure maintenance is accomplished with a combined military and civilian work force capable of rapid transition between missions.

Force Support Squadron

The 28th Force Support Squadron provides services to Ellsworth's active-duty members, Department of Defense civilians, retirees and their families. The 28th FSS include Manpower and Personnel, Force Development, Sustainment Services, Airman and Family Services and Community Services. These flights, each with a distinct mission, combine to provide important support services to the Ellsworth community.
For more information on the 28th Force Support Squadron, visit their website here.

Security Forces Squadron

The Defenders of the 28th Security Forces provide integrated defense and combat capability to Ellsworth AFB, the United State and Air Force worldwide.  Whether at home station or forward deployed, members of the 28th SFS provide an impenetrable umbrella of force protection encompassing all personnel, property and resources.  

Emergency call 911 

Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC):  

Local:  (605) 385-4001
DSN:  675-4001

Road Conditions:  
(605) 385-ROAD

To protect and defend Ellsworth Air Force Base, deployed expeditionary security forces and enable Air Force, joint and coalition missions.  

28th Contracting Squadron

  The mission of the 28th Contracting Squadron is to provide agile contracting support and business advice to Ellsworth and combatant commanders. 
     The squadron consists of three flights. The LGCA Acquisition Flight provides contract support for commodity and service requirements. The LGCB Acquisition Flight provides construction and related support to the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron. The LGCP Plans and Programs Flight supports the base's contract Quality Assurance Program, Government Purchase Card program and Contracting Systems Support activity.

Communications Squadron

  The 28th Communications Squadron's vision to set the cyberspace standard of excellence for the Air Force is summarized by their motto: "Wired for War." The squadron provides combat ready Airmen in support of warfighter requirements while developing cyberspace professionals focused on world class customer support to all units assigned to Ellsworth Air Force Base. 
     The squadron consists of two flights, the Operations Flight and the Plans and Resources Flight, as well as a command section and Policy and Evaluations section.

Logistics Readiness Sqdn

 The mission of the 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron is to provide responsive, reliable and sustainable logistics support anytime, anywhere. The squadron is made up of more than 340 professionals separated into four flights and two sections. These professionals provide support to 39 wing and tenant units with mobility readiness and operations, vehicle operations, vehicle and equipment maintenance, personal property and cargo shipments, fuel storage and distribution, supply and equipment accountability, war reserve materiel program, and maintains B-1 spares packages and aircraft parts.

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