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28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

        Mission Statement
      Guarantee our Nation's Expeditionary Combat Power - Anywhere on the Globe.

     The 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Office advises the wing commander on unit and public issues and develops communication strategies to accomplish the mission. It provides base leadership with two-way communication tools to build, maintain and strengthen morale and readiness. Through interaction with the base’s internal and external audiences, public affairs builds public trust and support though open and honest dialogue and highlights the military as a community partner and responsible steward of resources. 


Social Media

The 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs office is responsible for maintaining all social media outlets for Ellsworth Air Force Base. We post the most recent news, videos, photos and blog posts from our Airmen throughout the world.

Public Requests

To request photo or video support, please complete the highlighted sections of the AF form 833.

Please fill out applicable areas between blocks 7 and 22, digitally sign and date section 24, and e-mail it to Requests should be submitted no later than five days prior to the event.

For questions about what services are provided,call the 28 BW/PAoffice at (605) 385-5056.

Media Operations

Daily media operations are the main focus of the 28 BW/PA office. The staff is committed to providing, but limited to: news stories, news features, feature stories, commentaries, vignette videos, and other various installation support. The public affairs office can provide photo support to change of commands, retirements and other various ceremonies. For self-help video support, please see the 'Self-help' section of this webpage.

The 28 BW/PA office also works with local and national media agencies to provide information. For any media or public media queries, call the 28 BW/PA office at (605) 385-5056 or submit a AF IMT 39. For an online copy of our media query form, please click here

Studio Appointments

To schedule an appointment for official studio portraits or full-length photos, call the PA office at (605) 385-5056. The studio is available 8 through 11 a.m. and again from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and Friday. The studio will be open Thursday 8 through 11:00 a.m. To schedule an appointment, call (605) 385-5056.

Photos or full-length photos are taken in Suite 5 in the 28th Bomb Wing Headquarters building (Bldg 7925). Official government passports and deployment photos (ISOPREP) are available on a walk-in basis in the studio located in the 28th Bomb Wing Headquarters building (Bldg 7925, Suite 5).

A photo is categorized as "official" if it meets any of the following requirements: if an individual is required to have one on file per Air Force Instruction; if the photo is for an award (group-level or above), retirements, or if the photo is for special duty packages. For special duty packages, please bring a copy of the photo requirements. For more information or to set up an appointment, call (605) 385-5056.

Self-Help Camera

The 28 BW/PAoffice can provide self-help cameras to those who request one. To request a photo self-help camera, call the 28th BW/PA office at 605-385-5056. To request a video self-help camera, please fill out an AF form 833 and contact the 28th BW/PA office videographer section. The 28 BW/PA office can assist with converting the media to a usable medium. Photo support can be provided for group and above level ceremonies, video support can be provided for wing level ceremonies. All others may request a video and/or photo self-help camera.

Internal Information

Conducting internal information programs is the primary means the Air Force uses to communicative with Airmen, their families and the surrounding community. The 28 BW/PA office is committed to providing timely, accurate, relevant information that enhances the base and the community's moral and readiness. The 28 BW/PA office consists of photojournalists, videographers and public affairs specialists. For more information, please view the Public Affairs Policies and Procedures AFI 35-101.

Community Requests

For any questions, inquiries or requests regarding Ellsworth Air Force Base, contact the 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs office at (605) 385-5056 or via e-mail at

Base Tours

For information on the 28 BW/PA Tour Program, click here.

Small groups escorted by individual servicemembers for non-PA tours are encouraged to contact the South Dakota Air & Space Museum at (605) 385-5189 conveniently located next to the Visitor Control Center just outside the base's main gate.

The museum offers comprehensive tours of the base, including a tour of the base's lone remaining missile training silo, for a nominal fee. Contact a member of the museum staff for more information.

Additionally, military members are authorized to escort small groups (limit of eight per military ID holder) on tours of the base. Members should notify PA to ensure they know their intent, but should know this does not mean the tour is endorsed by PA. After gaining visitor passes from the VCC (605-385-2894), escorts are allowed to provide their groups a driving tour of the base. If escorts wish to bring their groups to a specific work center, they are responsible for coordinating the date and time with each location they visit. If individuals would like to take photographs, call the 28 BW/PA office to request a letter of authorization for photography.

For more information, call the 28 BW/PA office at (605) 385-5056.

Air Show Support

Persons or organizations wishing to request a B-1 bomberfly-over or static display for their events must visit the USAF Aerial Events

website and click on the "New Requests" tab. After following all directions, filling out the aerial support request form and gaining approval to Secretary of Air Force Public Affairs, requestors should call the 28BW/PAoffice at (605) 385-5056 to request a B-1 from Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Requestors must be aware that Ellsworth cannot provide aerial support for an event until it has been approved by SAF/PA. Also, once an event is approved by SAF/PA that does not commit Ellsworth to supporting the event. Due to high operations tempo and the number of aerial support requests the 28th Bomb Wing receives, the base does not have the aircraft or manpower to support all requests.

After following all directions, filling out the aerial support request form and gaining approval to Secretary of Air Force Public Affairs, requestors should call the 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs office at (605) 385-5056 to request a B-1 from Ellsworth. After the SAF/PA has approved an event and Ellsworth has been notified, a member of the 28th BW/PA staff will contact the requestor to notify him/her if Ellsworth can support his/her event.

Finally, all events Ellsworth agrees to support with a B-1 presence are tentative pending real-world requirements.