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PT failures & discharges

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. -- The Commander's Action Line is a forum for the Ellsworth community to make suggestions or voice concerns about Ellsworth directly to Col. Mark Weatherington, 28th Bomb Wing commander. Below, he responds to a concern in regard administrative discharges due to physical assessment failures. 

What is the policy on Administrative Discharge do to PT failures? Is it a General discharge or Honorable? I'm curious because I have seen several airmen get honorable discharges for failures and have yet to get anything other. Some clarification on this would be appreciated. Regards.

Col. Mark Weatherington
Col. Mark
Air Force policy seeks to provide a healthy force, fit to fight; therefore every Airman must maintain the standards set forth in AFI 36-2905, Fitness Program, 365 days a year. Failure to meet Air Force fitness standards could result in involuntary administrative discharge. AFI 36-3208, Administrative Separation of Airman, requires an Honorable service characterization if the sole reason for separation is failure to meet physical fitness standards. However, acts of misconduct, such as failing to participate in fitness education and training sessions, could serve as an additional basis for an involuntary discharge - for misconduct - and a service member may receive a less then Honorable service characterization. The commander decides--and we have had Airmen separated with both characterizations at Ellsworth.