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12 AF/AFSOUTH commander sends holiday message

DAVIS-MONTHAN AFB, Ariz. -- The holiday season is rapidly approaching. This is special time of year for sharing and enjoying time with family and friends. The holiday season is an excellent time to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, for many, the holidays can bring significant stress and worry. Whether it's determining where to go, the cost of travel and gifts, or a number of other stressing issues, anxiety and pressure can cause some of our Airmen to feel depressed or to take unnecessary risks. It is important we watch out for each other and be good wingmen. We must all stay focused and continue to use sound judgment when making decisions about traveling, finances, and winter activities. 

Although a good deal of us will be able to celebrate the holidays with our families and friends, many of our fellow Airmen will be spending the holidays deployed, away from loved ones. Adding the stress of a deployment with the normal holiday hustle and bustle underscores the importance of supporting and assisting our Airmen and their families. It is imperative we continue to encourage and stay connected with our deployed Airmen and their families. No matter where our folks are during the holidays, they are a special part of our extended military family. 

We have just completed one the safest years in U.S. Air Force history--a fatality-free 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign, significant reductions in ground fatalities, and the lowest number of aviation mishaps ever. These accomplishments reflect an unsurpassed commitment to safety by each and every one of you. I applaud your efforts and thank you for what you do everyday for our Nation. It makes a is noticed...and it counts. Kathleen and I wish you a joyous holiday season!