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Ellsworth's newest enlisted leaders graduate

ELLSWORTH AFB, S.D. -- Twenty-seven Airmen graduated from Ellsworth's Airman Leadership School and were recognized at during a ceremony Nov. 3 at the Dakota's club. Since January, 162 people have graduated from the Airman Leadership School. Award winners and graduates were:

John Levitow Award
Karen Harris, 28th Civil Engineer Squadron

Distinguished Graduates
Mark Watson, 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Mitchell Moen, 28th AMXS

Leadership Award
Mark Watson, 28th AMXS

Academic Achievement
Miles Massey, 28th Communications Squadron

ALS, Class 07-1, graduates were:
Jonathon Keck, 28th AMXS
Mitchell Moen, 28th AMXS
Phillip Roy, 28th AMXS
Kimmie Samuel Jr., 28th AMXS
Charles Thurston, 28th AMXS
Justin Totton, 28th AMXS
James Villegas, 28th AMXS
Mark Watson, 28th AMXS
Karen Harris, 28th CES
Andrew Maramag, 28th CES
Jerry Simmons, 28th CES
Edward Smith, 28th CES
Eddy Soto, 28th CES
Jason Utt, 28th CES
Diana Phillips, 28th Comptroller Squadron
Allan Bungay, 28th CS
Miles Massey, 28th CS
Aaron Moyer, 28th CS
Jonathan Zavala, 28th CS
Paul Vestal, 28th Medical Support Squadron
Jeremy Burnett, 28th Munitions Squadron
Justin Sermersheim, 28th MUNS
Timothy Weaver, 28th MUNS
Benjamin Sherrill, 28th MXS
Justin Yarbrough, 28th MXS
Melissa Neild, 28th Operations Support Squadron
Tiffany Schaaf, 28th Services Squadron