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Taking the grey out of road conditions green, yellow, red

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. -- In order to ensure all 28th Bomb Wing personnel are aware of policies involving hazardous weather travel, the following guidelines reflect current policy.

In accordance with Ellsworth Air Force Base Instruction 90-101, commanders and civilian managers must assess local travel conditions and determine whether or not it’s safe to permit personnel to travel to or from the base and surrounding area.

Road conditions alone don’t necessarily dictate the base is closed, so base officials advise members to pay close attention to information disseminated through normal channels.

The instruction also provides definitions and guidance concerning specific road conditions.

Commanders and civilian managers determine which personnel are severe-weather essential. Commanders don’t have to pre-designate these individuals, but they might identify specific individuals as requirements dictate.

In addition to specifying hazardous road conditions, there are also procedures for base closure.

The 28th Mission Support Group commander assesses weather and road conditions on and off the installation that might affect travel and working conditions.

If weather or travel advisories indicate marginal conditions, the 28th MSG commander advises the 28th BW commander of the adverse weather conditions and hazardous roads.

The 28th BW commander has the final say in regards to authorizing absences from duty due to adverse weather and road conditions.

Road conditions alone do not mean the base is closed and should not be generally associated with base closure.

Above all else, base officials advise assigned personnel to contact their supervisory chains to determine if they should report for duty during periods of inclement weather.

In order to stay appraised of base closures, late reporting and road conditions, assigned personnel and their families can tune in to local radio stations, the base television channel and AM radio station 1610.