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Ellsworth’s SFS named 2005 AF Outstanding Medium SF unit

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. -- Ellsworth’s 28th Security Forces Squadron was announced as the 2005 Air Force Outstand-ing Medium Security Forces Unit Tuesday.

The unit prepared an awards package including accomplishments at the base and while deployed. The package was first sent to compete at the Air Combat Command level and won.

Ellsworth’s SFS then competed against all other major command winning medium-sized units in the Air Force.

All accomplishments at home, such as helping at the space shuttle exercise and Independence Day at Mount Rushmore, were combined with deployment accomplishments. Nearly half of the package included deployment accomplishments because 116 of 208 troops were deployed throughout 2005, said Lt. Col. David Koontz, 28th Security Forces squadron commander.

“I am proud of the young Airmen rising to the challenges the nation hands them; we were rewarded for their efforts,” said Colonel Koontz.

The colonel described an incident of SFS rising to the challenge.

Keesler Air Force Base’s SF team was in training in New Jersey in preparation to leave for Iraq when Hurricane Katrina hit. They were sent back home, and within 48 hours, 26 of Ell-sworth’s SFS Airmen backfilled their positions and left for Iraq.

“In my 28 years, without a doubt, this is one of the finest security forces units I have had the pleasure to be with. You’re not going to find a finer group of folks,” Colonel Koontz said.

ACC vice commander, Lt. Gen. William Frazer III said, “The stellar accomplishments while deployed to Balad Air Base and Ali Al Salelm, coupled with their highly successful home station efforts, singled (Ellsworth) out from other command units as the best -- an honor they earned through dedicated teamwork, service and a commitment to excellence.”

Members of the 332nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, which included members from the 28th Security Forces Squadron, escort suspected insurgents at a deployed location. SFS was named 2005 Air Force Outstanding Medium Security Forces Unit Tuesday.