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November 17th, 2017 at 1:34PM

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December 8th, 2017



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Default Air Force Logo New Year's resolutions for Team Ellsworth
With every New Year comes the opportunity to make a resolution to improve ourselves. This long-lived tradition has several interesting and historical roots. The ancient Persians gave family and loved ones eggs for the New Year to symbolize productivity. Before the Roman invasion, the Celtic priests of what we now know as England gave members of
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Default Air Force Logo Housing Privatization-What's Next?
By now, most members of the Ellsworth community should be aware of the housing privatization initiative, which is scheduled to close April 2010. The housing privatization program has already been implemented throughout many Air Force, Army, and Navy installations and locally is intended to transfer all military housing at Ellsworth to a private
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Default Air Force Logo Peace on earth in the profession of arms
The holidays are the ideal time of year to slow down a little bit, and reflect on all that has been accomplished personally and professionally in the year. For those that choose to wear the nation's uniform, the holiday season is traditionally a time of peace and joy. This tradition is steeped in history. Please allow me to share a unique holiday
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Default Air Force Logo Taking care of your peeps
It is important to recognize a job well done, whether it is with quarterly or annual awards, letters of appreciation or just a pat on the back. When the people who work for you feel valued as team members, they perform to the best of their ability. We hear it all the time "take care of your people," but saying this and putting this into practice
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Default Air Force Logo Holidays call for “whole family” approach to safety
When families gather for the holidays, it's natural to 'keep an eye out' for groups of nieces and nephews, sons and daughters excited to play together during seasonal celebrations. Airmen thoughtfully "childproof" their homes and check Christmas lights for faults that might lead to a shock. Families check websites for product safety recalls and
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Members of the 28th Security Forces Squadron stand in formation during the National Peace Officers Memorial Day retreat ceremony here, May 15. The National Peace Officers Memorial Day honors all the local, state, and federal law enforcement officers who serve and protect; the flag was lowered to half-staff in honor of those who have fallen. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Marc I. Lane)
Veterans who continue to serve
November is upon us, and as you read this article we will have already celebrated Veterans Day, a holiday which commemorates our Airmen, Marines, Soldiers and Sailors who have served this great nation. According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, after the American Revolution the term veteran "came to be associated specifically with a former soldier of
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Default Air Force Logo Political Activity Restrictions Reminder
Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz's most recent Vector message encouraged all Air Force personnel to exercise their right to participate in the political process. How can they do this? First and foremost, they have the opportunity to choose their next boss, the Commander in Chief. So make sure you're registered, get informed and
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Default Air Force Logo Dog behavior relies on responsible ownership
Various dog breeds throughout the years have been labeled as "vicious" or "dangerous" and in many areas, legislative bodies have enacted breed-specific bans or legislation to limit ownership of particular dog breeds. Recently, Ellsworth banned ownership of three dog breeds - the Pit Bull, Rottweiler and the Doberman pinscher in base housing.
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Default Air Force Logo DUI/DUA prevention key to safety, success
Driving under the influence remains ever-present in our Air Force today, causing the possibility of physical and legal consequences to those who do it, but also the possible death or injury of others. Ellsworth, of course, is not immune to DUIs and even cases of drinking underage. There have been 24 DUIs and 22 DUAs as of Sept. 17; this is equal to
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(From right) Airman 1st Class Ray Wahl, Staff Sgt. Daniel Chin and Staff Sgt. Ruben TrejoSanchez, Ellsworth Air Force Base Honor Guard members, fold a flag before a funeral service held at the Black Hills National Cemetery, July 31. The service was held for a retired Air Force master sergeant. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Marc I. Lane)(Released)
Honor guard -- a higher purpose
Last month, as I assumed the duties of the 28th Bomb Wing director of staff, I did not realize with the job came such a unique responsibility - commander of the Ellsworth Honor Guard. At first, I was flattered by such a lofty designation, but I quickly discovered how truly remarkable the men and women who make up our 57-member team are to the wing
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