Senior Master Sgt Gregory Williams

12/22/2006 - Senior Master Sgt. Gregory Williams distinguished himself through heroism as operations superintendent, 332nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, 332nd Expeditionary Mission Support Group, 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, while engaged in ground operations against the enemy at Balad Air Base, Iraq, from March 13, 2005 to September 14, 2005. During this period, Sergeant Williams led 113 Airmen in defense of Iraq’s busiest airfield. The bold leadership he demonstrated while deployed was invaluable, especially during the more than 85 rocket and mortar attacks on the base. During one summer attack, Sergeant Williams raced through a 10-round mortar barrage on the installation and compound to aid injured personnel. Their injuries were incapacitating. While mortar fire rained down around him, he administered first-aid to two victims until medical help arrived. Sergeant Williams then rushed back to the center of the attack, where he located two impact points and found a wounded Soldier suffering serious internal injuries. Sergeant Williams kept the Soldier calm and immobilized to prevent further injury. Medical staff said this was a life-saving effort. During the approximately hour-long attack, he called in points of impact, checked for impact damage, accounted for personnel and administered first aid. He ran to locations and took charge of situations, providing leadership from the front in a crisis. During his deployed tour, Sergeant Williams also orchestrated more than 50 combat patrols into hostile territory, resulting in the arrest of 10 insurgents and seizure of hundreds of mortars and thousands of anti-aircraft rounds. In addition, he authored the integrated base defense efforts and spearheaded bi-weekly battle drills. For these heroic efforts, Sergeant Williams was awarded the Bronze Star with the “V” device for valor. Sergeant Williams is now deployed on a 365-day tour in Iraq. There he conducts training and joint patrols with the Iraqi police in downtown urban environments. When he returns to Ellsworth, he will join his comrades in the 28th Security Forces Squadron as the operations superintendent.