Welcome to the 28th Bomb Wing and Ellsworth Air Force Base! The goal of this page is to provide you with all of the resources and information you need in order for you to have a smooth and successful move. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to call 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs at (605) 385-5056. All feedback is welcome and encouraged so we can continue to update this resource.

28th Bomb Wing Leadership

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Airman & Family Readiness

Leisure and Recreation

28th Force Support Squadron

Bandit Lanes Rec Center -  (605) 385-1031
Dakota's Club - (605) 385-1764
Fitness Center - (605) 385-2265
Golf Course - (605) 923-4999
Holbrook Library - (605) 385-1688
Base Lodging - (605) 385-2844
Outdoor Rec - (605) 385-2997
FamCamp - (605) 385-6680


Email: UDL_28CES_CEIHH@us.af.mil

Privatized Housing: (605) 923-9000

Unaccompanied Housing: (605) 385-2567

Email: 28.BW.Dorm.Managers@us.af.mil
Housing Management Office: (605) 385-2568/2574


Base Housing


Ellsworth Privatized Housing


Application Information:


The Housing Management Office (HMO), will verify your eligibility to reside in privatized housing, determine the amount of qualifying dependents eligible to live with you, and determine your official application date. Please understand you cannot be formally placed on the wait list until you arrive/are verified by our office. For questions on projected wait times for a home, please contact Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) at 605-923-9000. With all wait lists, they cannot provide a good estimation of projected wait times/availability until you are within 30 – 60 days of arrival. Wait list times vary dramatically between the different categories (JNCO/SNCO/E-9/CGO/FGO/SO). The HMO can also assist in helping to project wait list times, as we can review personnel rosters/obtain other info that BBC doesn’t have access to. Once we have verified you as an eligible tenant, you will receive an official application date; this date will determine your position on the wait list. Your official application date, in most cases, will be the date that you depart your current duty station. Members returning from a UDR, or having a TDY enroute, should call our office to determine an accurate application date. In order to use your departure date for your application, you must be verified by our office within 30 days of arrival to Ellsworth.


New Dormitories:


The Ellsworth Air Force Base dormitory campus now features three buildings with the “Dorms for Airmen” layout. This layout includes four personal dormitory rooms, a washer and dryer closet, a small kitchen with appliances, including a stove, microwave and refrigerator, and a living room with sofa chairs, a media stand and a television. Each building has 12 pods, adding a total of 144 rooms to the dormitory campus. 


When residents walk into the pod, they will find four rooms on either side of the open-concept kitchen, dining and living space. Room dimensions are 11 feet by 12 feet, and each room features a walk-in closet and personal bath room. Amenities in the room include a bed, night stand, desk, desk chair, lamps and a dresser.


The layout includes two pods on the first and fourth floors, with a social area on the first floor where residents will be able to play billiards or foosball, and can watch the game on a Sunday in the social area’s TV space. The second and third floors include four pods each. 


Inbound Airmen will be assigned a room according to their squadron and its assigned buildings.


Dorm Floor Plan - First Floor

Dorm Floor Plan - Second Floor


Civilian Personnel - (605) 385-2474
Military Personnel - (605) 385-1286
Arts & Crafts - (605) 385-2899
Auto Hobby - (605) 385-2900
Base Training & Education - (605) 385-2308
Private Organizations - (605) 385-4542
Professional Development - (605) 385-2367

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