Safety at your fingertips

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Joshua Sinclair
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

The Air Force Safety Center recently unveiled a new mobile app, which allows Airmen to report safety concerns as soon as they occur.

The Airmen Safety App creates a new avenue for reporting hazards in the workplace or throughout the installation. 

“It’s a great way to make safety more accessible,” said Maj. Benjamin Wiford, the 28th Bomb Wing chief of flight safety. “It allows Airmen at every level to report safety violations without any fear of repercussions.”

The Airman Safety App was created to encourage faster reporting and easier access to relaying information to the safety office. 

“It’s faster and more reliable than the URL app,” Wiford said. “It goes directly from the reporter to the Airman Safety Action Program and then the Air Force Safety Center immediately has eyes on it.”

Over the past nine years, over 4,500 reports have been made to the Airman Safety Action Program, including 858 in 2018 that were made from a URL based app. 

Personnel with a common access card can access the Airman Safety Action Program scoreboard – a place to see what others are reporting and what actions have been taken to address the hazards. 

“The Air Force Safety Center tracks all the violations and can check for any reoccurring problems,” Wiford said. “There might be Ellsworth specific issues, but also those could be the same problems that other Airmen are finding throughout the Air Force.”

The app is available on both major app stores: Apple and Google Play.

The safety office is always available to report and discuss safety violations at 605-385-SAFE.