Fighting the blues with Wintervention

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Nicolas Z. Erwin
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Raiders at Ellsworth Air Force Base strengthened ties with each other during the 28th Bomb Wing resiliency day and Wintervention events Feb. 28 to March 1.

The purpose of Wintervention and resiliency day was to tie spiritual resilience and connectedness between Airmen, families and friends together through discussion and Live 2 Lead seminars.

“The wing held small group discussions about spiritual resilience, Live 2 Lead series from the John Maxwell Company and the Preacher Lawson Comedy Show on [Feb. 28],” said Dennis Wier, the 28th BW community support coordinator. “On [Feb. 29], there was the Cabin Fever event and Fireworks at the base lakes, and on [March 1] there was skiing, which had every seat filled.”

All these events were tied to the spiritual and social Comprehensive Airmen Fitness Pillars. The other CAF pillars are the physical and mental pillars. These events have been held since 2013 and evolve over time as opportunities present themselves and as different challenges surface.

“The outcome for this event was fantastic with lots of activities across the base,” Wier explained. "The variety was especially helpful as we don’t all respond to the same event or have the same desires and learning skills.”

The Live 2 Lead seminar had 300 attendees, more than 450 people attended the Cabin Fever event with their children and the comedy show had more than 350 attendees, nearly maxing out the capacity of the facility hosting it.

“The next CAF Day is scheduled for April 24,” Wier said. “The focus of this event will be on the physical domain. At this point, events include on- and off-base sports, and the Discover the Hills Vendor Fair at the PRIDE Hangar.”

For more information, or to volunteer for CAF days, please call Dennis Wier at (605) 385-5056 or email