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Raider Airmen remain vigilant


As the moonlight shines over the base, Airmen from the Raider Air Base Security Forces Squadron continue the thankless task of protecting the base throughout the night.

The mission of the Raider SFS is to guard the base and its assets from all threats while ensuring the overall mission of Raider Air Base stays on track.

"We take our mission extremely seriously," said Capt. Joseph Yakubik, Raider SFS operations commander. "Our Airmen are trained to follow the Law of Armed Conflict to the letter."

According to Captain Yakubik, SFS Airmen are specifically trained in the details and principles of LOAC in order to exercise the appropriate amount of force in any given situation.

"We are committed to maintaining the safety and security of Raider," he said.

Even with a well-trained team of professionals, Captain Yakubik encourages all Airmen at Raider to remember operational security and report all suspicious incidents.

"The Airmen at Raider are our true eyes and ears throughout the base," he said. "We rely on them to provide us with critical information that helps our defensive posture."

According to Col. Jeffrey Taliaferro, Raider Air Base commander, every Airman is expected to maintain good situational awareness and operational security during their time at Raider.

"Although we have been welcomed by our host nation, we still need to remain vigilant during our time here," Colonel Taliaferro said. "Every Airman must be a sensor and report anything suspicious through the proper channels. Only then can we exercise our mission to full capacity and continue to build a strong relationship with the people of Orange Land."


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