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Updating AtHoc

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. -- Winter is inevitable -- when snow is falling and winds are dangerous how will a person know whether or not it's safe to come to work?

Part of the Ellsworth Emergency Mass Notification System is AtHoc. This system provides desktop notifications and e-mails on government computers, updating Airmen on weather conditions. By updating personal information in AtHoc, an Airman can decide which personal phone number or e-mail address to receive additional notifications on.

To update AtHoc, click the purple globe at the bottom right-hand corner of the work computer screen. Then click on "Access Self Service." Click the tab labeled "My Info" and update personal information. A checked box labeled either "TDY" or "Deployed" will prevent personal phone calls or e-mails while not in the local area.

In order to receive personal phone calls and e-mails click the tab labeled "Contact Info." Then input a home phone, cell phone or e-mail address.

AtHoc gives the option of receiving notifications in as many ways as desired; therefore it is important to save frequently.

Even though AtHoc helps ensure a person is contacted during severe weather, a unit's pyramid recall is still the primary means of off-duty notification.

For more information, contact your unit supervisor.

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