28th MXG conducts MAGE

  • Published
  • By By Staff Sgt. Hannah Malone
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. -- Airmen with the 28th Maintenance Group conducted a Major Aircraft Generation Exercise (MAGE) to further familiarize themselves with some of their most difficult operational requirements, April 11 through 15, 2022.

The 28 MXG internally planned the exercise, but the purpose was to practice as if it were a true mission.

“During the exercise we [prepared] aircraft with the required munitions as if we were tasked from higher headquarters,” said Maj. Joseph Spada, 28th AMXS Director of Operations. “Airmen [worked] to bring aircraft up to a flyable condition and meet all requirements for employment …on an accelerated timeline.”

The MAGE was meant to train, teach, and exercise some of the most difficult MXG processes.

“Airmen at all levels get hands-on touch time with these processes, which gives us an edge for real world events,” said Capt. Travis Charfauros, 28th Munitions Squadron Director of Operations.

Executing accelerated generations of the B1-B Lancer is a full-speed, challenging test of a maintainer’s skills. The MAGE uses minimal simulation and maximum hands-on training to ensure the Airmen are able to practice mission generation on the most stringent timeline.

“At the end of the MAGE, we will be surging our aircraft to meet operational requirements and keep our operators qualified and trained by providing the safest and most reliable B-1s in the United States Air Force,” said Spada.

The 1,500 professionals of the 28th MXG conduct periodic inspections and intermediate-level maintenance, and work around the clock in all types of weather at locations around the globe, to ensure the bombers, equipment, and munitions are ready for combat.