Ellsworth MPF Recognized as Top Performer in AFGSC

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  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

The 28th  Bomb Wing Military Personnel Flight received recognition from Air Force Global Strike Command as top performing base within the Major Command for personnel pay issue resolutions. MPF worked on case management system cases through contacting financial management and assured that members were being properly paid, Aug . 2022 .

The promotions and retentions section of MPF received their recognition from AFGSC headquarters and were subsequently asked to provide training to all other MPFs within the MAJCOM.

There will be two separate trainings for all the different promotion and retentions sections in MPF throughout AFGSC.

Airman 1st Class Javaris Logan, 28th Force Support Squadron enlisted promotions and retention technician, said these trainings are set to consist of an in-depth explanation of the importance of completing the monthly Management Assessment Products, as well as a discussion on how to manage the Transaction Registers on a daily basis.  

Staff Sgt. William Rawlings, 28th Force Support Squadron enlisted promotions and retentions supervisor, said the training is expected to be conducted through Microsoft Teams and is still in the planning stages. 

Rawlings said he attributes prioritization and communication as MPFs most effective methods for resolving personnel pay issues. 

“The biggest thing is prioritization, making sure that anything that could affect somebody’s pay or is currently affecting their pay becomes number one priority,” said Rawlings. “[We ensure to] keep in contact with the members, their command support staff, first sergeants  and the finance office. This helps keep them updated about the process and making sure we have the proper documentation to resolve issues.”

Logan contributed to MPFs recognition by fulfilling the role of Noncommissioned Officer in Charge when Rawlings was unavailable. 

“When I’m not here, everything still has to run the same, so as far as coordination, reaching out to first sergeants, sending documents to commanders for verification purposes, making sure they are getting the proper regulations on what needs to happen and what they can and can’t do, he’s had to fill that role on multiple occasions,” said Rawlings when speaking about Logan’s involvement.

“Receiving recognition at the MAJCOM level is a big accomplishment for everyone on the team because it highlights our effective teachings and practices,” said Logan.