Ellsworth Active Airman 's Council Hosts October Sober Initiative

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  • By 28th Bomb Wing
  • 28 BW/PA

The Ellsworth AAC held a collection of events to give young Airmen on base outlets of activity to promote camaraderie and mental health welfare without the usage of alcohol.

Xochile Avile, 28th Bomb Wing command and control operations technician, serves as president of the AAC and constantly works with her team to put this initiative into effect.

“We’re providing an environment where you don’t have to resort to drinking to have fun,” said Avile. 

Avile says she sees the importance of togetherness amongst junior enlisted.

“While they may come from different backgrounds and locations, every Airman works together to complete the mission,” said Avile. “I believe creating a culture where these cooperative strangers can meet and enjoy each other’s company is important for Ellsworth.”

Avile credits a good amount of itinerary planning as well as the name of the “October Sober” event to fellow AAC member Senior Airman Grace Marroquin, 28th Comptroller Squadron budget analyst.

Marroquin named some events she felt were especially enjoyable for attendees, such as the pumpkin painting, and the movie night with “getting to know you” games. 

“Most of us are away from our families, so the goal is to bring a sense of community to the Airmen,” Marroquin said.

On October 20th the AAC hosted a “PowerPoint Night” where Airmen arrived either with a PowerPoint of their own or presented one from a list of random ones provided by Avile. Some PowerPoints were educational and others were strictly for comedy, but attendees were able to laugh, learn and eat provided snacks to promote togetherness and morale without a single alcoholic drink in the room.

Marroquin says she believes that at its core, the Active Airman’s Council is on Ellsworth to support mental health and cooperative relationships as well as to supply avenues for positive outlets for Airman leisure time.