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Pride Hangar Closures

Ellsworth AFB, S.D. -- The Commander' s Action Line is a forum for the Ellsworth community to make suggestions or voice concerns about Ellsworth directly to Col. Gentry Boswell, 28th Bomb Wing commander. 


Col. Boswell,

Sir, I have worked in the deployment center for the past 15 years as both Military and DOD Civilian. I have had issues lately with the changing of the hours and/or closures of the Pride Hanger! I have been utilizing that facility since it first opened to run during inclement weather as well as darkness. I understand that sometimes the facility MUST be closed but unless you physically go over and look at the door there is no way of looking for a calendar of scheduled closures that I am aware of. I arrived at the Pride hanger this morning and says closed for 4 days for DV.,

I typically run 3 days a week and running in small circles at the gym is not an option. Is there a reason why the pride hanger has to be closed for DV's when they won't be in the building but for an hour much later in the day? We live in a place that running outside can't always happen, unless you have a path that is lit up it is pretty dangerous. I even witnessed a LTC from OSS wipe out this summer, from the unlit, unmaintained path. There are lights at the south end of the path but those have only been used when first installed @6 years ago for a few weeks then never turned on again since, but all they are right now is just beehives. The surface itself hasn't been maintained in over 5+years! ,

YES Sir, I am venting....I drive 26 miles to come to the base to exercise before I work at 0700. Will there be some sort of option to check out key with the certainty that it won't get damaged or messed up by someone just running on the track.

Col. Gentry

Thanks for the feedback on this issue. The PRIDE Hangar is a multi-use facility for many types of mission-related and recreational activities such as Commander's Calls, Changes of Command, and recognition events. However, mission-related activities take priority since it is not a primary fitness facility and some events require more extended closures for cleaning, movement of large equipment such as bleachers, and security sweeps. Your key point that we haven't advertised this adequately is well taken, we will take steps to ensure we're advising customers of these closures through advance notification of scheduling changes--we can do better in this regard.,

When we do have to close the facility due to events we ask our customers to use other facilities to meet their fitness needs--so running in small circles in the gym IS an option, so if you choose not to use it that's on you. The Bellamy Fitness Center is our primary fitness facility and has the 24-hr access you asked for to include the indoor running track to accommodate patrons no matter the weather conditions. It may not be your regular routine, but it is a viable option when the PRIDE Hangar is unavailable and we do not nor will we entertain a "sign out" key program due to all of the other activities that occur there.,

In regards to the outdoor track areas, provision of additional exterior lighting and re-paving along this entire route is something I'll consider however, it will have to compete against other mission priorities within the constraints of our limited budget and resources. Our Fitness center NCOIC is TSgt Jessica Pinner, please feel free to contact her at 385-2266 if you have any other questions.

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