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Exchange Food Court

Ellsworth AFB, S.D -- The Commander' s Action Line is a forum for the Ellsworth community to make suggestions or voice concerns about Ellsworth directly to Col. Kevin Kennedy, 28th Bomb Wing commander. 


Col. Kennedy,

About 2-3 months ago, Anthony's Pizza closed because of equipment failure, now Charley's Grilled Subs is closed. We have limited on-base dining options as it is and now 2/3 of AAFES outlets are closed.

Will they ever reopen or are there plans for other outlets to replace them?

It sure would be great if there was better signage at both locations explaining what is going on.

Col. Kevin Kennedy
Col. Kevin

Thank you for your post, as I'm sure you are not the only one with questions on the food court in The Exchange.

We talked with the AAFES manager and she relayed that Anthony's Pizza and Charley's are temporarily closed due to a staffing shortage. With their available staff, AAFES did not have enough personnel to run the food service at the appropriate level of quality and safety. The equipment for both restaurants is still working and functional. Also, AAFES is going to post new signs to help spread the word.

As for the way forward, AAFES changed these food service positions to 'Regular, Part Time' positions which allows them to offer benefits. This should help in recruiting new employees and allow Anthony's and Charley's to re-open, as of right now (4 Sep) we do not have a timeline. Anyone interested in working at either Anthony's or Charley's should stop by the AAFES HR office in the Ellsworth AFB BX Administrative area to fill out an application.

In the meantime, the Bowling Center, Dakota's Club, and the Raider Café (our dining facility near the dorms) are open to anyone who has base access. I can personally vouch that the wings at the Bowling Center are great!


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