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AFFSC/BX Snow Removal

Ellsworth AFB, S.D. -- The Commander' s Action Line is a forum for the Ellsworth community to make suggestions or voice concerns about Ellsworth directly to Col. Kevin Kennedy, 28th Bomb Wing commander. 


Col. Kennedy,

I understand that due to the decrease in the number of personnel assigned to the Air Force Financial Services Center and cost cutting driven by sequestration that there is limited snow removal of the sidewalks around the center. However, is it possible to have CES plow the entire sidewalk area in front of AFFSC from the road to the BX? There are many employees who go to the BX and commissary for our break times and for lunch. Currently the snow removal starts at the road and ends at the director's parking spot, leaving 150 feet or so (heading towards the credit union/BX) uncleared. This forces us to either walk in the roadway or try to trudge through the snow, both of which are unsafe and will eventually result in someone getting hurt.

Col. Kevin Kennedy
Col. Kevin

As you know all too well, this winter has given us plenty of opportunity to exercise our snow removal plans. After a storm, our snow removal priorities start with mission-essential areas such as the flight-line and primary roads around the base. As we are able to clear those areas we then shift into lower priority areas such as parking lots and building entrances for key facilities.

Additionally, the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron coordinates the priorities for the EAFB Pride Team which focuses on clearing access to other high use/high volume facilities such as the Child Development Center, Youth Center and the Air Force Financial Services Center (AFFSC). Clearing snow immediately around facilities across the base is a unit requirement and the responsibility of the facility occupants. The area between the Exchange and the AFFSC that you mention is on our list for action by the EAFB Pride Team, but it has a lower priority than other areas around the base and it will take some time before our EAFB Pride Team is able to clear the snow.

In the meantime, I ask that you continue to take the necessary precautions while walking or driving around base during the winter to avoid injury. Unfortunately, according to Punxsutawney Phil we still have six more weeks of winter ahead of us!


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