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Commercial Gate morning openings

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. -- The Commander' s Action Line is a forum for the Ellsworth community to make suggestions or voice concerns about Ellsworth directly to Col. Gentry Boswell, 28th Bomb Wing commander.


Col. Boswell,

I am writing this message in regards to Commercial Gate opening in the morning. Over the last 8 to 10 duty days, this gate has been routinely opened 10 minutes late.

The weekday times on the gate list it as opening at 0600 hrs, yet, just this morning, SF members casually opened the gate at 11 minutes past 6 a.m. As a prior member in the SF unit, we ran early posting and early guard mount times for those members who are working the dayshift to post that gate and the Patriot Gate when I worked there.

It is entirely unacceptable to see the lack of squadron leadership involvement to ensure these gates are opened in the manner advertised. Inbound and outbound traffic simply back up at these gates and I am hard pressed to believe this has not been reported and rectified before.

Members on this base (including myself) are on a schedule the SF must understand this is completely unacceptable to have their junior members continue to operate like this.

Col. Gentry Boswell
Col. Gentry

Thank you for the feedback. Your observations and feedback are important to the 28th Security Forces Squadron. You are correct: the gates should open no later than the advertised operating hours and we are working diligently to correct this problem. Squadron leadership determines what posts open early and the guard mount times based on numerous factors. We will continue to stress the importance of opening this gate on time. Thank you.

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