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  • Caring for Airman’s best friend

    The veterinary clinic on Ellsworth Air Force Base provides care to Airmen's pets as well the four-legged defenders -- military working dogs.
  • Paying proper respects: Ellsworth Honor Guard lays retirees, veterans to rest

    With ice planted across a field of snow, three Airmen bury their hands into the frozen wasteland and at the command of “ready – up,” their rigid hands clasp a triad of M-14 rifles and position them next to their right foot.
  • Theater group works to close curtains on inter, intrapersonal violence

    The darkness retreats as the spotlight pierces the stage. The curtains roll back revealing the actors. They stand amongst their props as if they were not on stage but in the scenario itself. The scene is set and they take their place un-phased by a loud roar of applause before the performance begins.
  • Prime BEEF puts training to the test, proves ready to support worldwide emergencies

    Airmen from the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron competed during the 4th annual Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force challenge at Ellsworth AFB, Aug. 17, 2017. Ten teams, consisting of eight-man squads, tested their training and proved they are ready to respond within hours to worldwide emergencies in order to support recovery operations.
  • Honoring a legacy of 100 years

    Bringing the past to the present, honoring 100 years of heritage, the 34th and 37th Bomb Squadrons and associated Aircraft Maintenance Units have always played a significant role in the nation’s defense - a heritage stemming from World War I that has only strengthened over time.
  • Raiders in the Pacific, a deeper look

    Coming off a successful deployment to the Pacific theater that included a multitude of first-ever accomplishments, Ellsworth Airmen continue to train and deploy at the pace they have maintained for more than a decade. Dispelling a common myth that the B-1’s are “taking a break” as the fleet undergoes the most comprehensive upgrades since its
  • Offutt Brass celebrates Presidents Day at Mount Rushmore

    Staff Sgt. Daniel Thrower, a musician assigned to Offutt Brass, the brass ensemble of the U.S. Air Force Heartland of America Band, plays his trumpet during a performance at Mount Rushmore, S.D., Feb. 20, 2017. To celebrate President’s Day, members of Offutt Brass played music celebrating America and patriotism. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior
  • Security Forces, defending the protectors

    Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of four articles on the Security Forces Squadron mission here at Ellsworth.ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. – A lone figure wearing a dark, midnight-blue beret stands guard at a gate. It’s rush hour at Ellsworth as personnel make their way to their jobs. As the first face they will see that day, he is
  • Crew chief, shoots for All-Air Force Men's Basketball team

    ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. – An Ellsworth Airman was recently selected to attend the All-Air Force Men's Basketball team trials for the first time since 2005.Staff Sgt. Rawlinson Santaella, a crew chief assigned to the 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, is competing against 29 other Airmen for a spot on the team during final tryouts held from
  • Ellsworth B-1 team wins LeMay Award

    The desert sun is sleeping, and the cool, night sky is empty above Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, on Dec. 19, 2015. A B-1 bomber aircrew from the 37th Bomb Squadron from Ellsworth is carrying out their final preparations for a bombing operation. The mission: destroy oil fields that are supporting Al-Raqqa, the sixth largest city in Syria and