An open letter of thanks

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Joshua Klotz
  • 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Editor's Note: The following letter was penned in response to the overwhelming support Master Sgt. Joshua Klotz and his family received after their home caught fire, March 14.

Now that the dust has settled, my family and I would like to take a few moments to say two words to our neighbors, friends, and all the people in the Rapid City, Rapid Valley and
Ellsworth communities that came out to help us - thank you.

I have seen small communities come together in times of trouble before, often for floods and winter storms, but less often for troubles that affect single families. Never before have I witnessed an outpouring of support, care and assistance that I have seen in the last month. You, the people of the area we have chosen to call home, have given freely and helped my family and I during a difficult time. Your generosity has allowed us to secure housing, clothes and food. You've given us a place to lay our heads in peace, and to start working toward rebuilding our lives.

First, to the fire fighters: your fast response, actions and willingness to risk your lives for us and our home did not go unnoticed. Thank you for all that you've risked for us and thank you for your service.

Ellsworth, your generosity simply blows my mind. I cannot say thank you enough.

Rapid Valley and neighboring communities, you have done more than I ever could have asked for. You have re-confirmed the reason I, a boy from southern Illinois, and my wife, a true southern girl, have chosen to live here. Thank you.

Rapid Valley Elementary School, you've taken the time and put forth much effort to help my son through this difficult time. We can never repay you for your kindness. Thank you.

Rapid City, the care, support, assistance and generosity of both your citizens and your businesses has been beyond belief. Thank you.

You, the people of Rapid City, Rapid Valley and Ellsworth are the reason my family and I have decided to call this area home. Not just now, but permanently. You have proven that Rapid City, Ellsworth and the surrounding communities should be numbered as one of the greatest communities in the U.S.