9/11 Remembered | Katelyn Welch

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  • By Katelyn Welch
  • American
On Sept. 11, 2001 I was 13 years old. That morning my alarm clock never went off for whatever reason. I woke up to my sister crying in the living room watching television with my mom. My mom told me that someone had crashed a plane into the World Trade Center. (The second plane had not hit yet) I took a shower and got dressed as usual because I was still half asleep and didn't realize the importance of what had just happened. I got to school finally and every class for the day had been canceled. The teachers were not teaching class that day. Instead, each teacher had a television in their room with the news rolling. We watched the news all day on what was happening. I got home from school and remembered thinking my life had forever changed. To this day, I still remember my mom telling me the news, clear as day. For weeks afterward, everyone wore red, white and blue to school. So many lives changed that day, and no one realized how much.

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