Household Goods Summer Surge

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  • By 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron
  • 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Airmen who have heard the old saying, "It's your move," will find that with the Defense Personal Property System, it really is their move.

The Defense Personal Property System is an internet-based system developed by the U.S. Department of Defense United States Transportation Command and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command to help servicemembers and Department of Defense civilian employees manage their household goods moves.

DPS allows Airmen in transition the ability to self counsel any time, anywhere, as long as they have a compatible operating system and internet browser, such as those listed at, DPS also enables Airmen to rate their transportation service provider, and to start or complete claims. There may be a few exceptions for first time moves, retirements and separations depending on service headquarters policies. A list of all exceptions and guidance can be found at,

To get started in DPS, Airmen need to follow these steps:
· First, they need to visit the web site at,, and click, "Department Of Defense service members and civilians," to prepare for their move.
· After determining whether they qualify to use DPS, they may submit a request for an electronic transportation acquisition password via
· Airmen may then click on the DPS registration link to begin the process.

During the summer, the 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron Traffic Management Office normally requires a minimum of three to four weeks notice to pick up a shipment of household goods. This year, however, there is a critical shortage of drivers, which may cause a longer wait for household goods pack out and pick up dates. If an upcoming permanent change of station is time sensitive, Airmen may want to consider doing a Personally Procured Move, if feasible. For more information on a PPM, they may contact the base TMO at (605) 385-6597 or 5828. Before any move, TMO must be contacted for final approval and to ensure Airmen sign all pertinent documents.

Successful moves are not a matter of chance; rather they are the result of careful planning and hard work. At the center of these efforts is the customer - the Airman. If Airmen expect a good move, they must play an active role. Starting the moving process immediately upon receiving their orders may determine whether an Airman receives his or her requested moving dates or has to change his or her plans.

For more information, call TMO at (605) 385-6597 or 5828.