Chaplain offers Airmen advice on stress

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Erik A. Tisher
  • Raider Air Base Chapel

Welcome to deployment!

A whole new world, with new sights, new sounds, new smells and new stresses.

Stress is a part of life for all of us. Stress motivates us, excites us and fuels us. It can also bring you down.

Here are some tips for handling the stress. First of all, find a way to benefit from stress. In the Scriptures, we are told that we are to "consider it pure joy when we face trials, for trials develop perseverance."

Stress will grow us in ways that we cannot imagine, maybe in ways that we would not like to grow otherwise! A second way to handle the stress is to look at the positive outcome. 12-hour shifts, strange food, and MOPP 4 may wear on the Airman, but just think of the satisfaction you'll have when it's over. Third: plan for the future. Think about what you want to do to reward yourself for a job well done. A trip to Guam, tickets to a concert or maybe even ice cream at the DFAC will get you through the moment. Finally: get help when you're overwhelmed. Talking with a friend may be all it takes. But remember: help is always available.

The chaplain and mental health offices are just two of the resources that are here to listen. Let us help you bear the burden, and let's get through this time together!

God Bless!