Slow down, save a life

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Charles Howell Kuykendall
  • 28th Security Forces Squadron
Recently, many Airmen and civilians have had their driving privileges suspended due to speeding in housing areas.

Others have made complaints about "speeders" in housing.

In an effort to help the public understand and publicize Security Forces' concern on Ellsworth, here are some basic facts which may help.

A traffic violation or offense is broadly defined as the commission or omission of any act prohibited by rules, regulations or laws governing the conduct of traffic. It is understood speeding is not the cause of all accidents, but it does however have a definite effect on the severity of accidents.

For this reason, the 28th Security Forces Squadron strictly enforces all posted speed limits.

Speed measuring devices are tools used to accurately measure speed and ensure compliance with traffic laws. The purpose of traffic enforcement is to make the roads safe for all people in the community and to encourage voluntary compliance with traffic laws by all motorists.

The wing commander, with the advisement of the staff judge advocate, has the right to show his intent on what he feels is the safest way to allow vehicles to operate on Ellsworth.

In AFI 31-204 EAFB attachment speeding in housing (where the speed limit is 15 mph) defines the consequences of driving 10 mph over the posted speed limit - a 14-day suspension. This punishment does not come with a warning, the first offense is a suspension, and continued violations will gain more time, up to 12 months.

Speeding, even without alcohol involved, increases the risk of accident, injury or death.

In housing, children are at play. Any second for any reason, a child could end up in the road. The possible end result is something no person would want on their conscience. The pain, suffering, legal involvement, work environment, family and social life are all affected by making the wrong decision just one time.

From the wing commander down to the Security Forces Airmen patrolling the installation, we all have one thing in mind - the safety and security of the Ellsworth Air Force Base community.

When it comes to speeding in the areas where families live and play, just don't do it.