New Year's resolutions for Team Ellsworth

  • Published
  • By Col. Scott Vander Hamm
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
With every New Year comes the opportunity to make a resolution to improve ourselves. This long-lived tradition has several interesting and historical roots. The ancient Persians gave family and loved ones eggs for the New Year to symbolize productivity. Before the Roman invasion, the Celtic priests of what we now know as England gave members of their communities mistletoe, which was a sacred plant according to their beliefs. In the colonial period, Americans attended church, fired guns in the air and held open houses with their friends and neighbors. In each of these cultures, it was also a common practice to resolve one's goals for the upcoming year. Today we call these "New Year's resolutions."

As we enter a new year, I encourage each of you to set challenging yet attainable personal goals for 2009. Some could strive to further their education and professional development. Some may opt to set their sights on a personal goal, such as climbing Harney Peak or hiking the beautiful Mickelson Trail. Others might decide to take a much-deserved family vacation. Whatever you and your family's personal goals are for this year, I wish you the best and success in attaining them. In addition to these personal resolutions, I'd like to set some resolutions for us to achieve as a wing.


We will shortly be in the midst of a rigorous unit compliance inspection. This is a great opportunity to showcase just how proficient we are at home station and abroad. My resolution is to pass the UCI with flying colors, leaving the IG speechless at the level of expertise of our Airmen.

Conducting America's Business

Those of us that wear our Nation's uniform have sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. When the Commander in Chief calls on us to go downrange and do America's business, my resolution is to achieve the combatant commander's objectives thoroughly, precisely and quickly so we can return home safely, with our heads held high. I can think of no other group of Airmen that I'd rather have with me to go forward and keep our homeland safe than those on the Ellsworth team.


Family is the glue that holds the fabric of our military together. My family not only includes Joanna and our children, but every person who is part of Team Ellsworth. I'm a much richer person for having such a large extended family of fellow Airmen and their loved ones. My resolution for Ellsworth is to take care of our families, which includes our loved ones at home and our co-workers on the job. There is no substitute for taking care of them and meeting their needs.

The Bottom Line

The resolutions I have laid out for Ellsworth are simple, but require daily attention. We will forge ahead through the UCI while conducting America's business at home and abroad; all the while taking care of our families. May you and those you love have a wonderful 2009. Thank you for continuing to serve and support the world's premiere air, space and cyberspace force that defends our great Nation.