Beer prices skyrocket!

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kathy Evans
  • 28th Bomb Wing Legal Office claims and civil law NCO in charge
Many military personnel enjoy having a few beers with friends during the summer, but those beers can end up costing thousands of dollars. If Airmen plan on consuming alcohol, they need to have a plan before doing so. The safety issues associated with alcohol consumption should be emphasized; however, this article is about how alcohol-related misconduct can lead to Uniform Code of Military Justice prosecution. Being irresponsible and not having a plan when consuming alcohol is often the cause of military members losing their hard-earned stripes, money and privileges. 

The irresponsible consumption of alcohol can lead to several different charges under the UCMJ. 

These charges would be associated, but not limited to, the following UCMJ article violations: 

· Article 92: Underage drinking; Airmen may lose on-base driving privileges for up to six months.
· Article 111: Drunken or reckless operation of a vehicle (which includes All-terrain Vehicles), vessel or aircraft; Airmen may lose on-base driving privileges for one year.
· Article 112: Drunk on duty; Maximum punishment may include a bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and confinement for up to nine months.
· Article 134: Drunkenness and/or incapacitation for performance of duties; Airmen can also be charged with negligent homicide under this article if they kill someone while drunk driving. 

Situations that involve alcohol can get out of hand quickly, and a violation of the articles mentioned above can lead to a military member receiving letters of counseling or reprimand, nonjudicial punishment via Article 15 and even court-martial. Punishments from an Article 15 or court-martial may include a bad-conduct discharge, reduction in grade, forfeiture of pay, confinement, extra duties and restriction to the limits of Ellsworth. 

The last thing any supervisor, first sergeant or commander wants to hear is that a member of their team has been injured due to an alcohol-related incident; it's senseless and completely preventable. Another aspect of being involved in an alcohol-related incident is the very likely possibility that you will be punished for your misconduct. Each member of the Air Force is vital to the team and mission. Commanders need every person to be safe and responsible this summer, for your sake and that of the mission.