Esprit de corps <bk> Managing the ups and downs

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Michael Kadrlik
  • 28th Communications Squadron
The morale on Ellsworth has been the subject of many conversations, and phrases such as, "there is bad morale here," can be heard among Airmen around base.

I don't understand. My morale has been high since I joined the Air Force in 1988. I have had bad days and bad months just like everyone else, but with proper coping mechanisms I have been able to maintain high morale even through the worst of times. I make my own morale.

I talked to Airmen and asked them to show me what they do. Whether it's working on B-1s, guarding entry control points, maintaining computer networks or helping sick people, these Airmen are proud to show what they do. They don't have low morale, but perceive it in others. Negative vibes from unhappy people convey an atmosphere of low morale within the unit.

I know work can be long and tough. When these situations arise lift yourself up, be thankful for what you have and look to the positive. Change is inevitable in the profession of arms; leaders, jobs, bases, experiences and challenges change.

We can't let momentary lows bring us down; we need to do the best we can with what we have.

Morale comes down to a choice: deciding to see or not to see the great things that the men and women of Ellsworth are doing for South Dakota, the mid-west, the nation and abroad.

The moral on Ellsworth is good in my opinion. Each day I see military members serving our country as professionals and accomplishing amazing things. The military profession is an honorable one and servicemembers are highly regarded by the civilian community.

Being a member of this great organization comprised of uniformed members, combined with what each of us are accomplishing every day, should be plenty to raise the low moral in all of us.

Times will always seem tough, but things go much better when you have a positive outlook. Only you have the power to make today a good day and spread good morale to the individuals around you.