Ellsworth legal office ensures Airmen’s readiness

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Bronson Malcom
  • 28th Bomb Wing Judge Advocate
Being legally prepared prior to a deployment is important for you and your family. Planning ahead allows you peace of mind, knowing that you've prepared yourself and your family for whatever legal issues may arise while you're gone. Knowing that your affairs are taken care of at home, you can focus on your mission.

Legal readiness encompasses not only wills and powers of attorney, but also ensures that any other legal matters you have, are addressed quickly and properly before you deploy.

A visit to your base legal office is a great way to ensure you are legally prepared to deploy.

A legal professional in the Ellsworth Legal Office can assist you on virtually any personal civil legal matter, such as creating a will or power of attorney, a tax issue, a family law matter, or trouble with a credit card. The legal office can help you cross any legal problems off of the list of things you may worry about while you're gone.

Legal readiness isn't just for those who know they're going. A little advance legal planning can go a long way in preventing larger legal problems later on, especially in areas like estate planning, consumer law and family law.

Whatever legal issue you may have, your first stop should be the Ellsworth Legal Office. Air Force legal professionals understand the legal pressures Airmen face. They are licensed and trained to provide confidential legal support in the areas of law that most often impact Airmen and their families. Most importantly, the staff of the Ellsworth Legal Office is dedicated to helping you resolve whatever issue you may have.

For more information or an appointment call the Ellsworth Legal Office at 385-2329.