We will succeed <br> ORI preperation

  • Published
  • By Maj. Mike Jason
  • 28th Bomb Wing Plans, Programs and Exercises
Next week, the men and women of the 28th Bomb Wing will be inviting the Air Combat Command Inspector General Team in for our phase I operational readiness inspection. Our preparation efforts included seven operational readiness exercises which tested Ellsworth's combat capabilities from aircraft generation actions to personnel and cargo processing and aircraft deployment and regeneration actions.

I have seen a dramatic transformation in our ability to refine processes, come together as a team and exceed the standards set forth in the Air Force guidance. The 28th Bomb Wing Plans, Programs and Exercise division along with our unit exercise evaluation team members have provided challenging exercise scenarios and injects that have set us up for inevitable success.

Although we have conducted numerous exercises to set ourselves up for success, it still comes down to one crucial element - You. No other inspection a wing faces relies as heavily on personal responsibility. A single Airman in the processing line not adequately prepared to "go out the door" can significantly impact a wing's overall grade.

Additionally, all exercise participants must be courteous, forthright and honest with all inspectors. Remember, participants should never be argumentative with inspectors or discuss information outside their area of expertise. Also avoid volunteering information not pertinent to programs and processes not relevant to the task at hand. We all know our jobs and our processes extremely well; why not be proud of what we do when we demonstrate these actions in front of the IG inspectors?

I am proud of each and every member of the Ellsworth team. Your positive attitudes and dedicated approach to tackling any challenge speaks volumes for our future success. Not only will we perform at our peak performance level - we will succeed! 

(Editor's Note: Maj. Mike Jason is the chief of 28th Bomb Wing Plans, Exercises and Evaluations)