Yes we can

  • Published
  • By Maj. Michael Jason
  • 28th Bomb Wing plans and programs
These days, I hear a lot of our hard-working professional men and women voicing some very valid concerns on the amount of taskings we have and the things we're being asked to do. 

We're being asked to deploy more than ever. We're told we have to continue to exercise and validate for the headquarters inspector general some things this wing has been doing for a number of years. 

After all, we deploy people, airplanes and equipment, and I can tell you we do it better than anyone. 

Now, in addition to an operational readiness inspection later this year, we have to make room for another squadron of B-1s from Dyess. 

We have to house these folks, let them use our flightline and give them our support all the while preparing for an ORI. 

Plus, it's important to note that while most of our Airmen have returned from a job well done in Southwest Asia, we have more gone and others still preparing to leave. 

Cops, explosive ordnance disposal, civil engineers ... hang in there. We haven't forgotten you. 

So, with all this happening some of us may be inclined to throw our hands up and say, "We just can't do this." 

I submit to you that yes, in fact, we can. 

In 1990 we housed three flying squadrons and a missile wing. The infrastructure hasn't changed much. 

Yes, we are being asked to validate to the IG our ability to go to war. Folks, the bottom line is there's an Air Force instruction requirement out there we have to meet. That's it ... end of story. If and when the AFI changes, then we'll change the way we do business. 

But until then, we have a job to do. 

Yes, we are still deploying people and will continue to deploy more. 

But, for more than 10 years, I have to say I haven't seen a better bunch of people to get it done. Any military commander or student of military history will tell you there's no substitute for war-time experience. We have more real world combat experience than ever, and it shows. 

In a nutshell, I encourage you to say, "Yes, we can." 

Yes, we can house the Dyess Air Force Base B-1s here for a little while. 

Yes, we can tackle this ORI and show the IG we do this job better than anyone, so they can go back to headquarters and let us get back to work. 

Yes, we will continue to deploy and take the fight to our enemies until they are nothing more than a memory. 

Instead of saying, "We can't," I invite you to look at things realistically. Yes, we can ... we'll get through it. We always have. 

Voice your concerns to your leadership, but do it in a way that shows them the way ahead. Most of the time, finding the solution instead of pointing fingers at the problem is a lot better way to win the battle.