Outdoor activities Summer fishing

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Anthony Rhodes
  • 28th Bomb Wing command chief executive officer
Editor's note: this article is part one of a series.

The Black Hills and surrounding areas offer great areas to fish. Whether you fly or bait fish, there are areas to be enjoyed by all. 

To take advantage of such an outing you will need to first purchase a South Dakota Fishing License. An annual license costs $27 through Outdoor Recreation; you must have a copy of your orders or South Dakota state-issued identification at the time of purchase. To use the ponds on the base there is an additional license that will cost $2. 

The lakes and streams in the surrounding Rapid City area are home to a variety of trout such as Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout. Bass, Perch and Blue Gill are other common species of gamefish. 

Lakes such as Pactola, Sheridan and Horse Thief offer easy access to the water thus, making them great selections to take your children along. 

For lake fishing the common denominator when it comes to live bait are good ol' worms! Those slimy little devils seem to give an angler the best results out of all baits offered. In respects to other attractants, lures and spinners also work very well. The favored colors used are silver, gold and red and white. 

The Black Hills offers good stream fishing in such creeks as Rapid, Spearfish, Castle and Crow Creek to name a few. Fly fishing is the most popular approach when it comes to this. You may use spinning tackle; however, make sure of the attractants you use due to restrictions on live bait. 

Also beware of other restrictions, such as catch-and-release only. There are maps to indicate the reaches of water where this rule may apply and are obtainable at your local fish and game department. If you have never fly fished but would like to try, contact Outdoor Recreation for a place to receive lessons or guided trips. 

Be sure when planning a fishing trip to take along the proper necessities to ensure a great time out on the water. Always check the local weather to help you plan properly. Some items you should have accessible while fishing are: a small first aid kit, sunscreen, plenty of water (regardless of temperature), snacks and a light-weight rain jacket. 

As far as your equipment, it will depend on your style of fishing; fly, bait or whether you like to fish from shore, boat or wade. Wade fishing in the summertime doesn't necessarily require waders, but there are some areas you may want to consider them for reasons such as cold water temperatures (i.e. Rapid Creek below Pactola) or heavy leech concentrations (i.e.sections of Rapid Creek in town). 

Finding the right rod and reel in fly or bait fishing will weigh heavily on personal preference and what you want to spend. If you've never fished before, ask those who have to get the right tools for the job. When it comes to fly fishing consult a local fly shop or the internet for hatch reports and what flies the fish are taking. While fly fishing holds more technical traits over bait fishing it is just as fun once you get the hang of it. 

Now that summer is upon us, don't hesitate to load up the family and experience fishing in the Black Hills and the surrounding areas. You won't be disappointed. 

For more information call Outdoor Recreation at 385-2997.