101 critical days of summer

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Norman Seip
  • 12 Air Force, Air Forces Southern Commander
The Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the Command's 101 Critical Days of Summer Campaign. Historically, these "days of summer," May 26 - September 3, have seen an increase in the number of fatalities associated with sports, recreation and motor vehicle travel. While I am extremely proud of our effort last year as we experienced zero fatalities over this same period, the Air Force suffered 18 fatalities with ACC losing four great Americans to off-duty vehicle mishaps. Whether it was excessive speed, fatigue, lack of seat belt use or drinking and driving, the sad news is that all were preventable. 

Let's continue to maintain a culture of Airmen who understand the importance of good personal risk management and promote our Wingman program at every level to focus on preventable mishaps--both on- and off-duty. 

As you are aware, with longer days, warmer weather and well-earned vacations the opportunity for vehicle mishaps rises. I expect supervisors at all levels to engage their Airmen and provide effective pre-departure safety briefs. Additionally supervisors need to keep looking at creative ways to reach our younger Airmen as our continued success in reducing preventable mishaps depends on strong leadership, effective training and good wingmanship. I challenge each and every one of you to place special emphasis this year on practicing sound personal risk management in everything you do--especially in your personal lives. 

We don't want to lose any Twelfth Air Force Airmen or family members during this year's 101 Critical Days of Summer--we've proven this to be an attainable goal so let's do it again! 

Also, thank you for everything you accomplish every day in Twelfth Air Force. It is noticed, it counts and it makes a difference! 

I'm honored to serve alongside each of you and it's a pleasure knowing that we have such world class Airmen and Americans in our Air Force ... be smart, stay safe and enjoy your summer--you've earned it!