Coordinating a smooth move into privatized housing

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  • By 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron
  • 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron
The transition from local community into privatized housing is a substantial change that may affect many Ellsworth military families as new homes become available on base this year.

The 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron personal property office is working to make the transition as smooth as possible by instructing members on a few details needed making the move.

After an Airman receives notification that a home is ready, they will need to decide how to best move their personal property. There are two transportation modes available-- a commercial move with a contractor or a personally procured move. Members may also request both types of moves if necessary.

Once a move-in date is established and a housing order issued, members must contact the 28th LRS personal property office to attend a briefing and obtain required paperwork. They must also visit the Personal Property Sharepoint to schedule a briefing.

The Personal Property officer offers two briefings, Domestic and PPM. Members may select the type of move they plan to utilize-- if they are performing both types of shipment, they should only sign up for the Domestic move briefing. On the day of the briefing the member should inform the counselor that they would also like to complete a PPM as well.

Following the briefing, the member may schedule a pick up date for commercial moves. The personal property office requires the pick up date to be at least 21 calendar days after the briefing. For every 4,000 pounds of household goods estimated, the moving company requires one business day. A 28th LRS personal property counselor can further assist Airmen in estimating their HHG weight.

If a PPM move is elected, members are allotted 95 percent of the local move contractors' costs, minus federal income tax. PPM moves may begin as soon as a member completes a briefing.

The local move process is a direct door-to-door delivery of property, therefore storage is not authorized. Members are discouraged from requesting delivery to their residence the same day they receive their keys as key issuance can sometimes be delayed.

Defense Transportation Regulation, Chapter, Part IV, Chapter 401-17, part E.1.d, authorizes time off from duties to arrange for the shipment or receipt of personal property. Airmen should work with their supervisors to schedule this time.

For more information contact the personal property office at (605) 385-6597 or (605) 385-2169.