Combat Arms Trains in Peace for War

  • Published
  • By Airman Quentin K. Marx
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
The purpose of combat arms is to train, equip, and maintain all of the weapons for the base for personnel who use them as well as keep track of all the firearms.

“Combat arms instructors teach Security Forces augmentee Airman, other combat arms Airmen, deploying Airmen, Permanent Change of Station Airmen and Air and Space Expeditionary Force individuals who need to qualify on specific weapons systems,” said Staff Sgt. Jefferey Sales, a 28th SFS Combat Arms Instructor.

Combat Arms must make sure they are meeting Federal and Air Force guidelines with the weapons they are maintaining.

Sales explained that combat arms teaches and tests Airmen with the Basic Marksmanship Course and short range combat while at the gun range. Airmen are taught the different firing positions, such as prone supported, prone unsupported, kneeling barricade and over barricade position. Afterwards, individuals will redo every position while wearing gas mask equipment.

“Combat Arms inspects and maintains every firearm on base annually and maintains over three thousand firearms and thousands of parts for the firearms as well as maintain all ammunition on base, and records for them,” said Tech. Sgt Kellie Sawn, the 28th SFS Section Chief of Combat Arms and Armory operations.

Instructors teach basic fundamentals about using firearms such as how to handle firearms, knowing the sights, tactics, different weapon attachments, weapon safety and how to fire the gun.

“We are giving our Airmen every tool we can find, anything we have learned while being in combat arms and civilian courses to make sure that Airmen are ready to deploy and are confident with their skills, and if they leave us unconfident then that is a failure on us,” said Sawn.