Talking trash

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Hrair H. Palyan
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Housing residents are encouraged to take necessary steps to help reduce the amount of trash blowing around the installation.

High winds have resulted in a great deal of debris clogging fence lines, catching in shrubs and trees, and swirling around housing areas, most of it originating from unsecured trash cans.

"A lot of people set out their trash cans the night before trash day or even the morning of trash day," explained Tim Severson, 28th Civil Engineer Squadron Housing Office assistant program manager. "If the wind picks up, the cans blow over, lids blow open and the trash comes right out of the trash can."

Airmen and families can combat the issue by checking the weather ahead of time and making sure their trash cans are securely closed with a bungee cord until the day of trash pickup, Severson said.

Residents utilizing the large black containers in base housing must also remember to remove the bungee cord prior to the containers being picked up or the company will not be able to open the lids when lifted.

"If it's going to be windy, don't put trash cans curbside until the morning of the trash day or right before pick-up if possible," Severson stressed. "Make sure all trash is secured in trash bags with the draw strings pulled tight and tied. This will keep your trash secured in the event the trash can blows over or the lid is blown off."

Severson added that taking a little extra time will pay off in the long run, a sentiment shared by every member of team Ellsworth.

Col. Mark Weatherington, 28th Bomb Wing commander, explained that the reduced grounds maintenance contract and manpower challenges across the force make it imperative for everyone to pitch in.

"Ellsworth Airmen should take pride in being good neighbors and doing their part to keep the installation and the local area clean," Weatherington said. "It only takes a few extra seconds to tie your trash bags tight and to secure the trash can with a bungee, and it saves someone else a lot of time cleaning up later."