Shake things up with Turbo Hustle!

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Alessandra N. Hurley
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Are you looking for a new exhilarating way to spice up a tired work-out routine or to up your cardio performance in preparation for an upcoming PT test? If so, then Kenleen Pringle's Turbo Hustle class, held weekly at the Bellamy Fitness Center, is for you!

Mrs. Pringle, affectionately known by her childhood nickname Ms. Keke by her students, offers a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Beginners can start with Hustle 101, Turbo Hustle for more advanced students and Kiddie Hustle for children. Ms. Keke's training allows her the flexibility to modify her own choreography and she creatively incorporates several formats of dance in her class.

"I use the words Turbo to connote FAST and Hustle as a synonym for DANCE. Put that together and you get Turbo Hustle, one hour of fast dancing that is a great workout," said Ms. Keke.

Out of the adjectives used by her students to describe the class, two words that come up the most are FUN and cardio. Tech. Sgt. LaDonna Lattimore, 28th Maintenance Operations Squadron education and training manager, is one of Ms. Keke's students who has been participating in the work-out program since January. "The class is a fun way to get a good cardio work-out," said Sergeant Lattimore. "I love that it never gets boring. You are constantly moving for 60 minutes and it goes by so fast. "

In addition to Turbo Hustle being a fun way to work out, it is also low-impact enough for those who would like to exercise, but may have injuries preventing them from high-impact activities, such as running. "I have bad knees so I can't run, and this is something that I can do that can help me keep up my PT in that area," said Sergeant Lattimore.

Tech. Sgt. Kelley Ferguson, Air Force Financial Services Center financial management supervisor, enjoys the class for another reason. "I love how I feel after the class," said Sergeant Ferguson. "Turbo Hustle is a great way to get your heart pumping- it's definitely an effective means of working out and staying fit. I like how it's a full body work-out disguised as a Hip Hop dance party. I'm learning all these great dance routines that I can show off when I'm out with my friends."

Ms. Keke said she fell in love with dance-based choreography last summer when she had the pleasure of working with a dance-fitness routine inventor and creator.

"The dance techniques I use are a combination of several formats," said Ms. Keke. "We go from salsa, to hip hop, to step aerobic moves, to funk, into some Latin-inspired moves and beyond!"

Ms. Keke's inspirations for staying in shape draw from her time spent as a child dancing with her mother and joining the Air Force and doing squadron PT.

"As long as I can remember, exercise has been a part of my life," said Ms. Keke.

When she separated from the Air Force to begin her family, Ms. Keke said she quickly realized how easy it is to gain weight. "I absolutely think it's important to make time for exercise," said Ms. Keke. "Stay-at-home moms are always inundated with things to do. We are often so fixed with caring for our children that we don't take care of ourselves."

As a mother of six and a proud Air Force spouse, Ms. Keke, admits she can get very busy throughout the day. "I can get pretty stressed out, too, if I am not managing my stress properly," said Ms. Keke. "Exercising with the Hustle classes is so much fun that I look forward to going." Jessica Martini, an Air Force spouse and one of Ms. Keke's students, emphasizes that one of the benefits of the class is its ability to relieve stress. "I always leave the class feeling so great," said Mrs. Martini. "It's a great release if I'm having a bad day. I always look forward to the class- Ms. Keke really keeps you going and makes it fun and fairly easy, while still working your whole body. It's an awesome cardio class and it takes the bore out of your work-out."

Children are welcome to come join in on the fun, too. "Last month we ran a one-time special of two Kiddie Hustle classes," said Ms. Keke. "The first day we had 23 kids working out with their parents and it was a blast!" These classes have been so successful that Ms. Keke and Master Sgt. David Booker, 28th Force Support Squadron Bellamy Fitness Center coordinator, are already planning another run of Kiddie Hustle classes. "I think working out with your children enforces good values and teaches them to take care of themselves," said Ms. Keke.

Tech. Sgt. Bayyinah L. Sharif, Air Force Financial Services Center relocation section chief, another one of Ms. Keke's students, said the class is made for everyone. "Anyone can do it and everyone can benefit from the class," said Sergeant Sharif. "The class is high energy but low impact and you gain dance moves as well as aerobic moves."

Ms. Keke has received rave reviews from students who have praised her not only for her easy to follow dance routines that make the work-outs fun, but also for her welcoming disposition. "It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from or if you have prior dance skills," said Ebony Lowery, 28th Force Support Squadron family child care provider. "Just show up and Ms. Keke will make you feel right at home." Mrs. Lowery, a mother of two young children, has said she has been complimented many times on her weight loss and is almost back to her pre-baby weight, thanks in part to the Turbo Hustle class. "When people see me, they always say, 'wow, you look good- you're losing weight,' and I say, 'it's Turbo Hustle, honey,'" said Mrs. Lowery. "Turbo Hustle is the topic of all my conversations and the highlight of my week. I have Ms. Keke to thank for that! She's awesome!"

Whether someone is looking for a fun way to work out to get ready for a PT test or a high energy low-impact form of exercise within a supportive group of people, Ms. Keke encourages everyone to make time to get moving.

"As a mom, I know it can be difficult to make time for personal fitness, but I treat the gym just like a doctor's appointment... it's something I need to do for myself."

Tech. Sgt. Kathy J. Gatzke, 28 FSS Bellamy Fitness Center NCO in-charge, recognizes the importantance of finding innovative and popular ways to work out, not only for Airmen whose goals are to uphold Air Force PT standards, but also for civilians who would like to remain healthy. 

Sergeant Gatzke affirms, "Ms. Keke has established a very regular customer base and Turbo Hustle offers our customers an excellent and fun way to work out.  I feel it is a great program and our customers seem to really enjoy it."