Fitness tips while deployed

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jarad A. Denton
  • Raider Air Base Public Affairs
With the adoption of the new Air Force physical training standards, Airmen are encourged, now more then ever, to maintain a fitness lifestyle.

The following tips, from the Raider Air Base fitness center, give Airmen deployed to Raider a solid foundation for maintaining or improving their fitness level.

Stay hydrated - A hydrated Airman is a healthy Airman.

Stretch first - Lack of, or improper, stretching can lead to serious muscle injury.

Don't neglect cardio - Cardio exercise doesn't just help Airmen lose weight, it improves heart functions and boosts the metabolism.

Hit the weights - Lifting weights builds and strengthens muscles. It can also help Airmen burn calories, depending on the intensity.

Push the limit - A workout should be varied every six weeks to ensure maximum gain. If workouts aren't adjusted, the body will eventually adapt and plateau in its fitness development.

Set goals - Airmen should know what their fitness goals are. They should also set achievable standards. Goals motivate people and provide a sense of accomplishment when they are met.

Finish strong - Airmen should push themselves to finish the workouts they begin. Work hard to complete that last set!