"Friendship through sport"

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. -- A 28th Comptroller Contracting Squadron financial analyst, won a gold, silver and two bronze medals at the 43rd World Military Swimming Lifesaving Championship in Montreal, Canada, Aug. 7-12, hosted by the International Military Sports Council.
1st Lt. Paul Parmenter won the gold medal for finishing first place in the "Run-Swim-Run" event, which consisted of a 200 meter run, a 300 meter swim and another 200 meter run. 

His silver and bronze medals were earned for placing in both individual and team lifesaving events. 

"We are all very proud of Lieutenant Parmenter," said Lt. Col. Christine Wasdin, 28th Comptroller and Contracting Squadron commander. "His accomplishments remind us all to work toward excellence in all that we do." 

Lieutenant Parmenter was part of a four-man, joint-service team that represented the United States during the championship. They competed in both Olympic-style swimming events and lifesaving events that involved team members towing weighted buoys, or each other, to shore. 

"It's really a humbling experience to compete with military athletes from around the world," said Lieutenant Parmenter. "I'm proud to have been given the chance to represent my country." 

The championship is part of a series of games held around the world by CISM. 

CISM has hosted various sporting events for military personnel throughout the world since it was founded in 1948. It promotes world peace through organized sporting events between militaries across the world. 

CISM's motto, "friendship through sport," encouraged Lieutenant Parmenter to develop relationships with servicemembers from other countries. 

"Swimming has opened a lot of doors for me," said Lieutenant Parmenter. "It's allowed me to compete with people from around the world with different cultures." 

I was able to watch teams from the Middle East compete, he said. With everything going on in that region, it's amazing to see their love for the sport. It really makes me feel a sense of pride and honor in what I'm doing. 

Lieutenant Parmenter said he was deeply moved when his team was awarded the fair play award. 

It's an award given to the country that exemplifies CISM's motto, said Lieutenant Parmenter. The fact that the United States won the award speaks volumes on how military members conduct themselves when representing our country, he said. 

Lieutenant Parmenter plans to continue competing for the Air Force in future CISM events around the world. 

For more information on CISM, visit http://www.cism-milsport.org/eng/001_HOME/001_homepage.asp.

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